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July 01 2013


Proven Tips and Suggestions For Good Ab Workouts

Many people devote more time to abs workouts at the gym than anything else. Both men and women are obsessed with their abs, wanting to lose fat and gain the six-packs abs look everyone wants. This region of the body is also notorious for making people feel like their efforts are wasted, especially when they follow misguided routines. So let's look at some suggestions to help you get more from your abs workouts.

There's one basic and familiar machine that allows you to do some great abs exercises -the Captain's Chair. This is one piece of equipment your gym will surely have, and it's been around for quite some time. Leg raises are probably the most effective exercises you can do on this machine. You start out by standing on the Captain's Chair, gripping the handholds comfortably. Raise your knees while keeping your upper body as relaxed and straight as possible. Do this in a smooth, controlled motion, and don't swing the legs. The legs come down in a steady motion as well, do don't let them just drop. Try not to arch your back or perform the exercise too quickly or awkwardly. The basic crunch is probably the best known exercise for the abdominal muscles, and most people are familiar with it. Put your hands behind your head, and then lie face up on the floor. You can just lift your shoulder blades off the floor toward your chest to do this ab workout. Always keep your legs steady. Reverse crunches are the opposite - they focus on the lower abdominal region or the rectus abdominis muscles of the body. This exercise requires you to lift your knees toward your chest. They should be at a 90? angle. Both your shoulders and hips should lift together. So if you really want to build your abs, regular and reverse crunches can definitely help. The only drawback is the fallacy that doing more of them will give you better results - it simply will not.

The plank is one of the basic exercises that you should be doing for your abs workout. This exercise is good for your back as well as abdominal muscles. Keep your hands and arms on the floor or mat in the start-off position, with your face down. Raise your body up onto your toes and elbows, keeping your back and rear end flat. Hold for as long as you can, building up to sixty seconds and then lower yourself to the ground. When you first do this exercise you may not be able to keep your body up for that long, but you will definitely improve if you stick with it. In conclusion, adding abdominal workouts is a great way to improve your exercise regimen - just do them like you would any other exercise. To prevent overtraining, it is recommended that you do this to three times a week. By including, in your existing exercise regimen, some of these exercises, your abs will start looking great in no time.

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